the founders

Charles Lankau

From an early age Charles developed his interest in science, spending many hours of his formative years glued to PBS space specials or tinkering with machines in the middle school robotics club. Charles’s early exposure to biomechanics lead to an exciting high school sports career throwing discus and shot put. Off the field, he led students in discussions and shared his passion for biotechnology as the president of the Science National Honors Society. It was in high school while preparing for the rigor and difficulty of the AP Exams that Charles began to study and experiment with nootropics. Now attending the Georgia Institute of Technology on scholarship, Charles continues to pursue further knowledge of the physical and molecular details of the human body as a biomedical engineer. He hopes to one day open an experimental restaurant and participate in research that will further the understanding of the human brain.

Daniel Porada

Daniel was born in Reno, Nevada, where he spent the first 14 years of his life quietly reading anything and everything that he could feasibly get his hands on – in fact, he used to purposely get in trouble with the teacher every day so that he would be kept inside from recess and could finish his books in peace. Daniel holds a B.A. from Columbia University in Neuroscience and Behavior. His interests include, predictably, anything and everything related to the brain and its function, specifically with regard to memory, consciousness, and the biological underpinnings of the human experience, music production and violin (both classical and bluegrass), PC gaming, tennis, abstract expressionism, piña coladas, and getting caught in the rain. Rather than pursuing academic science like his parents, Daniel hopes to use and further develop his knowledge of neuroscience to generate products with high practical consumer value which will also help to advance the field of neuroscience as a whole.

Shouvik Ganguly

Shouvik is a senior beverage industry leader with a proven passion and established leadership credentials. He has worked in the industry for over twenty years, of which eighteen years was with generic modafinil in different geographies including the U.S. Business Unit, India, and global marketing teams. He has successfully worked in bottling operations, led brand management teams, executed global launches, run category businesses and led successful innovations, producing compelling results. Prior to viagra pills, he had extensive experience leading sales teams. Shouvik is responsible for breakthrough innovation in Coca-Cola – like Plant Bottle and Splash Bar – which he led from strategy to a multi-country launch. He was instrumental in the company’s introduction of the brewed beverages category. He loves to build winning new ideas and his deep understanding of consumers combined with operations and commercialization led him to work with startups. He lives in Atlanta, loves the outdoors, plays squash, and is an ardent proponent of sustainability.