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What Does Synapse Taste Like?

Synapse is sparkling and lightly sweetened, with a crisp, clean taste. Synapse gets its delicious flavor from ginger and Asian pear extract as well as from our plant-based active ingredients - everyone describes it a little differently, so the best way to find out what Synapse tastes like is to try it for yourself!

Is it safe?

Synapse only contains ingredients which are permitted for use in dietary supplements, and all of our ingredients are well-researched and studied for their cognitive and physical properties. That means no controlled substances and no synthetic chemicals born in a lab.

What should I expect? What are the effects? What does it feel like?

The feeling of drinking a can of Synapse is very hard to describe, but we like to describe it as a clean, driven focus with an intensity that comes from within yourself and becomes increasingly noticeable over the course of about a minute. From there, the effects continue to get stronger for a period of about a half an hour, with the strongest effects lasting for up to several hours, depending upon individual brain chemistry. The feeling is completely unlike the unfocused, out-of-control, jittery feeling that one gets from consuming caffeine – rather, we like to say that it is somewhat akin to being behind the wheel of a fine automobile – your brain feels more responsive to the demands you place on it, and seems much more quick to act than usual.

Why should I believe that this works?

Synapse has been carefully crafted by a team of individuals who are well-versed in both neuroscience and biochemistry, but in order to truly believe it delivers brilliance on demand, it is best if you simply try one for yourself.

I drank it and nothing happened – why?

Synapse has been created to work for the widest possible range of individuals. However, everyone’s individual brain chemistry is unique, so it is possible that your brain simply does not respond as strongly to our blend as others might. If you are one of the very few people who don’t feel Synapse working, stay tuned for new products from our team that may work better for you. Even if you don’t feel more focused, all of the ancillary benefits of Synapse like improved memory, antioxidant properties, neuroprotection, and reduced fatigue are still available.

Can I drink this every day?

Yes. In fact drinking Synapse regularly will actually increase the benefits. Many of the ingredients in Synapse achieve their maximum benefit over time with daily supplementation.

How many can I drink?

We recommend consuming up to 2 servings of Synapse in a twelve hour period. Consuming too many servings of Synapse in a short period of time could result in small amounts of discomfort.

Can I drink it at night?

Synapse does not contain any caffeine or other stimulants, but some of the ingredients in our blend have actually been used to induce lucid dreaming, so we would recommend not consuming a Synapse within 3 hours of bedtime if that is not your desired effect.

Can I mix this with my favorite alcohol/other substances?

We cannot condone the use of Synapse alongside alcohol or any controlled substances.

Who is synapse for?

Synapse is designed to help anyone stay more focused and attentive; however, anyone who is nursing or pregnant, under the age of 12, or currently taking any heart medication should avoid consuming Synapse. Corporate responsibility is one of our key values, and we believe that because children’s brains are developing and changing so quickly, it is best to avoid introducing anything (even with positive effects) into their system that can alter the way their brain functions, and this goes doubly for developing fetuses. Many of the ingredients in our blend are currently being studied as potential therapeutic options for the symptoms of age related cognitive decline, so it is perfect for anyone from age 12 and up who wants to get the most out of their day.

What's inside?

What’s in Synapse?

Curious to learn how Synapse works? Check out our ingredients page.

Where do the herbal ingredients come from?

The herbal ingredients we use in Synapse grow natively in Southeast Asia and Northeast China. These ingredients have traditionally been used in health and wellness practices for many hundreds of years. However, Synapse itself is produced and manufactured entirely right here in the United States.

Is it natural?

All of the ingredients we are using are either naturally sourced from the earth or found in natural material. That means no synthetic chemicals born in a lab, like racetams or amphetamines.

Are there any preservatives/artificial flavors/colors/sweeteners/etc?

We use natural preservatives as well as natural sweeteners. Synapse does not contain any artificial preservatives, flavors, colors, or sweeteners.

What is a nootropic?

Nootropics are compounds that are used to enhance cognition.

Is this an energy drink?

No! Synapse is a liquid herbal supplement. It does not contain any of the following ingredients that one would typically find in the “traditional” energy drink blend: caffeine, high fructose corn syrup, vitamin B12, taurine, or ginseng.

Is there sugar in Synapse?

The only calories in Synapse come from natural sugars in the form of dark agave nectar, which is a low-glycemic index sweetener – it does not cause your insulin levels to rise as much other sugars, like cane sugar, would. It also contains erythritol, which is a naturally-derived sweetener that contains no calories.

Why is it a supplement? What is an herbal supplement?

A supplement is, by definition, any product which is not intended to provide a significant proportion of daily nutritional value. Because Synapse contains only 30 calories and contains mostly ingredients which are not intended as a source of nutrition, we label ourselves as a dietary supplement. The term herbal refers to the fact that a significant proportion of our blend comes from botanicals.

Is it FDA approved?

The FDA does not “approve” supplements, however Synapse is in compliance with all FDA regulations and guidelines regarding dietary supplements.

Will Synapse show up on any drug test?

No! Synapse contains no illicit or banned substances and will not trigger a positive result on any commonly used drug panels.

Does Synapse contain alcohol? I noticed it says sugar alcohols on the label.

Synapse is made with a natural zero calorie sweetener called erythritol. Erythritol is a sugar alcohol, but it contains no ethanol (the alcohol found in beer, wine, and spirits). Synapse is not an alcoholic beverage.

Go beyond energy with Synapse.


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