Our Purpose

Synapse goes beyond simply creating and supplying drinks; it's about changing the world for the better. We're not just selling a product, but helping people unlock the power of their own minds, giving them the chance to be the very best they can possibly be.

Meet the founders


Daniel Porada

Graduating with a degree in Neuroscience and Behavior from Columbia University in just three and a half years, Daniel heads the research and development and manufacturing teams at Synapse. Daniel’s decision to pursue entrepreneurship stems from a long-held passion for the process by which novel concepts and ideas, whether scientific or artistic, can come to life in the physical world. Daniel has always been fascinated by the process and workstream around creating consumer applications for scientific advancements, and hopes to leverage his knowledge of neuroscience to generate products with high practical consumer value, which will also help to advance the field of neuroscience as a whole.

Daniel’s lifelong passion for gaming helps create an authentic connection as we bring top eSports athletes and content creators a healthful, sustainable solution for peak mental and physical performance. Whether on his lunch break or at two in the morning, Daniel can usually be found looking for the next big content creator on Twitch.


Charles Lankau

Previously a student of neuroengineering and entrepreneurship at Georgia Tech’s number 1 nationally ranked Biomedical Engineering program, Charles has a passion for innovation and creative/disruptive technologies. Charles has a background in medical device commercialization at Wake Forest Innovations and strong business sense and leadership skills. He aspires to become a serial entrepreneur, developing and launching companies in the neurotechnology space in the future. In the office, he handles finance, administration, and creative direction for Synapse. Outside of the office, Charles is constantly researching and experimenting with emerging trends in biohacking, fitness, and fashion.


Shouvik Ganguly

Shouvik is a senior beverage industry leader with a proven passion and established leadership credentials. He has worked in the industry for over twenty years, of which eighteen years were with Coca-Cola in different geographies including the U.S. Business Unit, India, and global marketing teams. He has worked in sales, bottling operations, built brands, led large teams, executed global launches, run category businesses, and led successful innovations, producing compelling results. Shouvik is responsible for breakthrough innovation in Coca-Cola – like Plant Bottle and Splash Bar – which he led from strategy to a multi-country launch. He was instrumental in the company’s introduction and the growth of the brewed beverages category. He loves to build winning new ideas and his deep understanding of consumers combined with operations and commercialization led him to work with startups. He leads operations and marketing for Synapse. He plays squash in his spare time and never competes in tournaments without a few chilled cans of Synapse in his bag.

Go beyond energy with Synapse.


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